Azealia Banks – Needsumluv – Video Testo Traduzione

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Iniziamo a conoscere Azealia Banks,la rapper 21enne newyorkese che a breve pubblicherà il primo album e che qualcuno avrà già ascoltato con il singolo “212” e nella collaborazione con gli Scissor Sisters in “Shady Love”.Qui l’ascoltiamo con “Needsumluv” realizzata col sample di “One In A Million” di Aaliyah,in cui mette in mostra la sua vena soul in un sound electro-R&B  declinato in una versione piu’ sofisticata e ancora poco sfruttata nel music-business.




You really wanna leave her but you tied to her
She know you dont’ love her either and you lie to her
But if I was her I’ll be on your dick day and night
I’d take back what’s mine because your kind is hard to find

But if she ain’t gonna be watchin means you gotta skip
Skip to the lady with that (mmmn) because she well equipped
Forget your pride, let me free your mind
Let me get you high boy, I do just what you like

Cause I’m down for everything you need and who you are
My door is always open and I’m never far
You are my star

You tell me the story about who was right before me
And how she became boring, you make her look so corny
You ain’t in love with her but she still lives in your heart
But you be in my apartment, tearing me apart and

Jingling my jewellery, you don’t know what you do to me
I feel like you be using me
I’m always where you choose to be
And she stay where you choose to stay

Not trynna make you choose today
I’m trynna get you through today
I’m trynna sort this through today

You know what’s up
You said you need to roll another O

Because I’m here for a reason and you know what

I need some love, oh, I want some love
Oh I need some love, oh, I want some love


I need some love, oh, I want some love
Oh I need some love, oh, I want some love
I need some love, oh, I want some love


Voto 7/10

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