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Il quarto album “Bloom” del duo dream-pop del Maryland uscirà il 15 maggio.I Beach House hanno pubblicato in rete la traccia d’apertura “Myth” che ci fa accomodare nel loro mondo dalle atmosfere vellutate ma mai noiose.



You always go to the parties
To pluck the feathers off all the birds
On your knees
I will not beg you please
I want your picture, but not yours
You know they want it
But there’s no firsts
On your own
You cannot count your all


We always want our heads too much
We know the reasons but such and such
On your own
You will not let your arm go


We run our fingers together
You know it’s easy the devil’s plan
On your own
You cannot call me your own


Jack of all trades
Master of none
Crying all the time
Cuz I’m not having fun


You always want to be forgiven
The devil does what you ask of him
On your knees
You cannot, you are not the beast


Voto 7/10


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