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Una cantante/tastierista ed il suo batterista compongono il giovane duo tedesco indie-pop Me And My Drummer.L’album d’esordio “The Hawk The Beak The Prey” è uscito a inizio 2012 e adesso ne ascoltiamo il secondo estratto “Don’t Be So Hot”,che contrappone bene la voce passionale di Charlotte Brandi al drumming scarno ed essenziale di Matze Prollochs.



I want to belive in magic
In the moment of my life
And encounter so special
That it makes me someones wife

After all that I’ve been through
It seems hard to believe
That another ones soul
Could set my friend take hard at ease

Cool me down, don’t be so hot..

But than was this one night
That I met you
When the dawn did not come
And youre words filled the room

You’re just there to break open
Without faling apart
Mornig air made me trembling
As the next day dawn at last

Cool me down, don’t be so hot..
All we need is magic
Simply and soely magic
All we need is magic
Baby believe me
All we need is a miracle


Voto 7/10


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