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Lo scorso 7 maggio è uscito l’album d’esordio “Funtimes” dei The Heartbreaks,band indie-rock inglese capace di melodie ariose ma per nulla banali come nel singolo che vi propongo ovvero “Polly”.




Tell me about your boyfriend Does he treat you half as good as I think he should Would you like to be my friend? Don’t turn me down there’s nothing thicker than blood

I realise I’ve never been around The times when I?m sure you could have done with me I’m well aware of how much time has elapsed But I thought I’d get in touch just to see

Do you think about me? Polly do you think about me? You know I’d love to see you But life gets in the way That’s no excuse I know

If you think about me Tell me that you think about me You know my aim is clear But life gets in the way That’s no excuse I know

Tell me about your kids now Polly I bet they’ve grown up do they look much like you? Such a ridiculous situation You know nothing of me and I know nothing of you



Voto 7/10


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