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I due componenti delle band brasiliane Cansei De Ser Sexy e Bonde Do Role’ lasciano gli altri e formano i Madrid.Il duo composto da Adriano CIntra e Marina Vello,si cimenta nel disco di debutto omonimo ,nel pop-rock alternativo con buoni risultati a cominciare dal singolo “Sad Song”,dal mood melenso e teatrale.



another day, another coffee stain
some memories will never go away
go away with me that’s what you said
I still recall that every day
you took me to the park I let you hold my hand
you called me baby, I was sitting on your lap
my head on your shoulders, the perfect fit
I’m still possessed by what we could have been

another night, another bed i’ve laid
i whispered your name to another man
he looked away, we knew by then
it’s getting harder by the day
you took my peace away, please let go of my hand
there’s nothing left to say, i know you understand
a choice was made, watching the highway
it will fade away, you will forget my name

I never thought I’d be
another victim of your
sad song
crawling after you on
my bruised knees
oh carpet burns they
hurt so bad


Voto 7/10


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