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Per ora i Brothers si presentano così sul loro Facebook:”una band composta da persone che hanno fatto parte per tanto tempo di altre band”.Aggiungo che il primo album di questo collettivo statunitense uscirà nel 2013,qui anticipato dal brano synth-pop in free download “We Are Pushing On”,un regalo che ti fa dire “si,carino…”




I’m sitting by myself just patiently awaiting,
All of the answers to the questions you keep contemplating,
And so I ask myself why does this room feel so damn empty?
Is it a metaphor for vacancy that you’re accepting?

I am, I am strong,
I want, I want to know…

People give way for your voice,
It’s scary out there,
(We’re not giving up,
We are pushing on),
Why are people so scared?
(Push on),
We all need some healthy fear,
Don’t bore yourself to death my dear…

Ambivalent conjecture makes great jobs in making wonder,
What is remembered in the moments of our greatest blunders?
Can you recall a time you actually enjoyed?
And can it even help in saving your own life?

I am, I am strong,
My selfishness it knows,
I want, I want to go,
Back to the first place I call home…


Voto 6/10


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