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Un anno dopo la pubblicazione del primo album omonimo(#33 in UK),la band indie rock londinese Django Django ritorna su queste pagine con la clip del nuovo estratto “Life’s A Beach”,una delle tracce più trascinanti e festaiole del disco.




That how you want to play it
Break my heart and go home
Why’d you want to go do that, but we’re not even in the way

That how you want to sing it
I’ve been having loads of fun
I think I’ve heard that song before it ends up in a ‘book?’

That how you want to see it
If you just have a ‘tongue?’
Tunnel vision, have a listen, no we’re never going home

You’re a good time killer
Why did you end up on your own
Overlook …

Consult a fortune teller
The crystal ball is going to show
… going to end up the truth so I don’t know

Sea has got something stirring
On the currents down below
Life’s a beach out of reach, gotta get up so we can go

‘Crystal leaks?’ start all over
Switch it up and overhaul
Step in line, get in time, speed it up until we fall

Paint a picture of a sunset
Scratch the writing on the wall
All the friends on your end call you back from Montreal


Voto 7/10


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