Sky Blu feat. Shwayze & The Small Potatoes – Imagination – Video Testo Traduzione


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SkyBlu,la metà più giovane degli LMFAO,ha pubblicato il primo mixtape “Rebel Music”.Tra le tracce più interessanti troviamo “Imagination”,variazione sul genere electro-trap con la collaborazione di Shwayze(hit con “Buzzin” nel 2008) e The Small Potatoes(di cui ignoravo l’esistenza).



[Intro: Small Potatoes]
Imagination [x8]
“I think imagination is a word, it’s like a dream,
But your awake when your having your dream!
And it’s all great fun.”

[Verse 1: Sky Blu]
Imagine you can invent your life, don’t just dream at night
I’m a be the first Sky that can fly, AH!
I am the best at being me
Dreaming is the recipe if you want to own an island in the sea.
See I got some talking dolphins
And they telling me I’m flossin’
I got an office building now they telling me I’m bossin’
I’m awesome
You can be what you want to be
You can be a grammy winner or a grammy nominee
See, I’m a dreamer drove by beemer in lima
They said I couldn’t have it all but I didn’t believe them
No work all play let me show you the way
Do what you feel and not what people say, HEY!

[Interlude: Small Potatoes]
“On days like this… I imagine I float free.
The colors shift and change oh so brilliantly.
I just love imagining, cause when your in your bed,
And you try to get to sleep
Just think of all the things that are nice
You can create things in your mind.”

[Verse 2: Shwayze]
Living my dreams don’t pinch me
Running through your city looking for something that pretty.
You say tomato, I say potato
Black you “Hugh Hef” you can catch me at The Grotto
And I like the kick fat like the booty on my models
You pop the clutch, I pop the bottles
Live it to the limit yeah that’s my motto
Jeans real skinny but I stay macho
Look, if you can see it, you can believe it
If you can believe it, you can achieve it
If you can achieve it than you can do it
If you can do it than you can get through it
Live it to the limit that’s the motto
Cause ain’t no limits for the children of tomorrow, SHWAY!

[Outro: Small Potatoes]
“I think imagination means creating, um,
Silly things in your mind like
Jumping off of a doggy and turning into a bird.”


Voto 6/10


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