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a_c_artimus_and_caral_for_a_while“For A While” è il primo singolo del duo indie-pop A&C(Artimus And Caral), composto dal batterista e produttore catanese Alfio Caracciolo e dal cantautore australiano Arty Florea.La traccia è di quelle nella media,con un “mezzo punto” in più per la voce,allegra e carismatica.





But for a while…
You were my autumn leaves
my summer sun, my winter freeze.
Spring beneath my falling feet,
the centre of my gravity..
And for a while…
when you were next to me
together we were harmony, (you were the)
song a bird would sing for me
for a while, i did believe, just for a while.

Spare me ya lovin’
spare me ya lovin’ (oh yeah),
Spare me the problems
spare me the problems, (you have).

Cos’ I’m so sick and tired
of trying to hide it, I’ve tried.
I’m done with pretending and
my time I’m spending faking smiles.

Stop with the issues
save me the tissues (I’m done)
I’ll wake in the morning
see the front door (and I’ll run).

I was so done with listenin’
the times you dis’ me (my my)
and I’m done with your hating
I feel like I’m wasting all my time

How can I be optimistic?
when every word is critical.
I try to fix it,
but I can’t seem to find the tools





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