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the rifles cd2014Sono degli onesti mestieranti del brit-rock i The Rifles,giunti al quarto album appena pubblicato.”None The Wiser” è entrato alla #21 in UK,best ranking per la band attiva dal 2004.”Minute Mile” è l’attuale singolo,anch’esso in perfetta media inglese.




Should have never gave away
My ticket for a ride
I should never be the one
You wanna criticize

What will it take for you to know
I wanna see you smile?
Everytime you turn around
You do the minute mile


It’s hard to find the words to say
It’s hard to know that you feel it away
Feel the little things you don’t realize
And things that let me know you could only be mine

And it’s hard to stay enlighten
And it’s not harder than
The way you make me feel

I never want to be the one
That’s gonna make you cry
Before the battle it only
Makes me wanna die

I feel like I’m capsizing
When I see the way (???)
I wanna be the only one
Who can soothe those eyes

Cause they make me feel alive


But my heaven is only hell
When you run and hide
You can run your minute mile
But I got you up in time

If it takes me all my life



Voto 6/10



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