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matrix & futurebound don't look back“Don’t Look Back” è il nuovo singolo di Matrix & Futurebound,il duo electro-drum&bass inglese che non cambia una formula che funziona(hit con “Control” #7 UK) ma ha il merito di scegliere spesso voci che fanno la differenza come quella della cantautrice Tanya Lacey.




As the cars speed past
Feel my heart too fast
Trying to hold the thoughts down

But as your face keeps rising
Playing through my mind
It’s time to take this on now

I never held back from the edge
We all hit the same line in the end
But I don’t wanna fall down too soon
Take every moment I can with you
Not over till we’re in the clear
Hold tight and let go of the fear
All the trouble we’ve left behind
We’re not gonna get home tonight

Cos if we don’t look back
Everything’s brighter
We’re in bigger skies again
Enough of living in lock-down
They can’t hold us back
We’re over that line now
We’ll leave shadows in the rain
And let the past just fade out

I got drawn too deep
Let my conscience sleep
Too late for a counter-attack
But you and me know we’re not coming back, no
We got all we need
So it’s time to break free
From the corners
Crossing borders
Let the days run into the night


See the sky turning red
Through the haze up ahead
Feel the air move
All around you
As it flows through into the night




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