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chris cornell cd2015“Higher Truth”(#19 USA,#37 UK) è il quarto album da solista di Chris Cornell,il 51enne cantautore di Seattle.Lo ascoltiamo con quello che forse non sarà un singolo,ma sicuramente è una delle vette artistiche del disco,ovvero “Dead Wishes”.




Staring in the mirror with two borrowed eyes
Looking for the part of me that’s still alive
Waiting for my chest to fall…and rise
Standing in the corner With my shirt tucked in
Summer turns to autumn winter turns to spring
And it all flies by…like a speeding train

Dead wishes on a broken chain
White roses in a dead man’s dream
Down and out with nothing to lose
If these long dead wishes
Ever do come true

Waiting for the night to come and chase away
All the flies gathering around my head
With my memory for a pillow
And all my regrets for a bed

Dead wishes on a burning lake
White roses from my soul to keep
Down and out with everything to win
If my long since sunken ship
Ever does come in



Voto 8/10


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