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lukas graham cd2015Prosegue il successo di “7 Years” ma inizia a farsi largo anche il nuovo singolo dei Lukas Graham “Mama Said”,sempre per quanto riguarda il mercato internazionale perchè erano entrambe conosciute da circa due anni nella loro Danimarca.La traccia pop con influenze urban non strabilia ma rappresenta un buon modo per passare ancora nelle radio e cercare di non essere una meteora.




Remember asking both my mom and dad
Why we never travelled to exotic lands
We only ever really visit friends
Nothing to tell when the summer ends
We never really went buying clothes
Folks were passing on the stuff in plenty loads
New shoes once a year and then
Out to play ball so we could ruin them

When mama said that it was okay
Mama said that it was quite alright
Our kind of people had a bed for the night
And it was okay
Mama told us we were good kids
And daddy told us never listen to the ones
Pointing nasty fingers and making fun
‘Cause we were good kids

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have it bad
I got enough loving from my mom and dad
But I don’t think they really understood
When I said that I wanted a deal in Hollywood
I told them I’d be singing on TV
The other kids were calling me a wannabe
The older kids they started bugging me
But now they’re all standing right in front of me

I know which place I’m from, I know my home
When I’m in doubt and struggling
That’s where I go
An old friend can give advice
Where new friends only know a half story
That’s why I always keep them tight
And why I’m okay,
I said, I’m OK



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