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yungen bestieIl rapper 25enne londinese Yungen sta trovando una discreta notorietà grazie all’attuale singolo “Bestie”(#24 UK) con il feat dell’altrettanto emergente Yxng Bane. La traccia urban-dancehall segue il filone ri-lanciato da Drake e affini.






I tell her she my bestie bestie she my bestie, (That’s right) They say that we’re too friendly friendly we’re too friendly…
(No lie)
You know I make time for we…
When I’m jugging & finish you know I’m creeping to your house finally, We’re keeping it low-key but these days you’re doing the most now,
Yungen Verse 1:

I got notes I get p,
(I get doe)
I really had Maddison in the fucking Addison Lee, Took her to the raddison & spent about three, She don’t even know my real name she ask for… D,

Her friends yeah pree dem ah pree,
She’s got wasteman on her case that be spending the P, She can’t believe that I fucked her for free, Juels on you know me..

Hey girl,
What’s good?,
Where you from?,
The hood,

You would of thought that I was ace the way I’m giving her wood, She knew I was paid in full from the jugg,


Yungen 2nd verse:

Let me show you the wave,
Pretty boy man I’ll take a boys babes,
Sweet boy they wanna know like I’m dave, They don’t wanna see my yellow face tun up in a rave,

(Nah they don’t)

Man it’s fucked up,
I see most my old tings love up,
Don’t make me slide in the dm with a lovestruck, Yeah I know they love this young buck,


Many men,
Hide their girl from me,
They got them on lock but I got the key, They block me on insta so I can’t pree, Man I’ll come and take their wife away (X2)

Chorus (X2)

Yxng Bane 3rd Verse:

Bonnie Clyde I love how we ride,
Pull up on her the doors on wooside,
You know I kill it,
Baney boy keeps stripping,
We can kick it for hours hoes get the boot by the minute, I tell her foot work foot work, When u do work do work, You know your bodies crazy but that minds on bizerk, I’m what u want not what u need, When they ask me what are we??






GoodVibesIndex 67/100


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