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the_blaze virile“Virile” è il nuovo singolo del duo electro/house francese The Blaze che punta tutto sulla grande atmosfera creata dal pianoforte,dal cantato jazz/soul e dalle sonorità ipnotiche e rilassanti adottate nella loro traccia.




Looking at the stars

Looking at the sun

Light’s still the same

When it comes to warm us

Sometimes there’s no words

But silence is still talking

We look so stupid first

Then we start to believe in something

Hoooo come with me

we gonna burn a sunset

Just take your lighter, sky will be better in red

We will find some love, we will find some light

We will never be alone, ‘cause everything will be so bright.

So let’s quit fooling around

I’m into you

Taken by the sound

Cause you’re the love

I found Hooo i need my loneliness

But i’m lost without you

I’m feeling so fearless

When you give me the proof

That my dream is so true

When you hold me I’m alive

When you hold me I’m alive

And I’m sure when I say

You’re the best friend of my life



Voto 7/10


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