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The Indelicates hanno appena pubblicato il quarto album “Diseases Of England”.Il gruppo indie-pop inglese ci regala  il primo estratto “Not Alone”, una piano-ballad di notevole intensità.




There’s no money
There’s barely any love
But I see you
And you’re not alone

There’s vultures in this wasteland
Watching as you crawl
And they’ll collect you
When you stumble, but
You’re not alone

You’ve left bruises
On everyone you’ve loved
And I don’t forgive you
But you’re not alone.

There’s no desire for you
No rush of blood
But I see you
And you are not alone.

The dark, the dark is calling
And the well, the well is deep
And the walls, the walls are jagged
And the angle is too steep
And I have no ladder
And I have no rope
I can’t see where the sun is rising
I can offer no hope
But I see you
Yeah I see you
Yes I see you
And you’re not alone


Voto 7/10


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