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Qualche mese fa avevamo ascoltato già Archie Marshall(in arte King Krule) su queste pagine e adesso lo ritroviamo con il primo album omonimo che uscirà il giorno del 19esimo compleanno del cantante inglese.Si intitola “6 Feet Beneath The Moon” ed è preceduto dal singolo “Easy Easy”,poche note acustiche ben assestate ed i graffi della sua voce da rockstar navigata.



well same old Bobby, same old beat
well yeah they got nothing on me

the same old clutch, same old streets
but yeah they got nothing on me
and easy come and easy go.

well yeah I’m sure I told you so
well they just want you for your dough
man I’m sure I I told you so
and with your dead-end job
that’s been eating away your life
you feel a little inside
the trouble and strife
and now you spend your evenings
searching for another life
and yeah I think mate
I think you’ve got them in your sights.

well, easy easy, there’s no need to take that tone.
well, it ain’t easy.
i’mma on the telephone
now, just leave us alone

oooh I know I should have kept my receipt
‘cause the sandwich I bought yeah it’s been off for a week
and now Tesco’s stealing my money
ooooh when positivity seems hard to reach
I keep my head down and my mouth shut
‘cause if you’re goin’ through hell

You’re easy, so easy
You’re easy, man just leave us alone
I’ll be one minute on phone.


Voto 7/10


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