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happy accidents cd2018Il secondo album dei londinesi Happy Accidents si intitola “Everything But The Here And Now” ed è stato pubblicato il 16/02. La formazione indie-rock dimostra un certo gusto per i ritornelli orecchiabili ma comunque rumorosi, come quello contenuto in “Act Naturally”. 






I’ve been meaning to speak what I mean cause
It could be key to being happy
Or is it nothing at all?

Easy to say it in a song

I’ve been actively acting positive
Diluting the venom in my spit
Tastes of Nothing at all

Easy to say when nothings wrong

And I’ve kept to myself all along
You may have got me wrong

Sketching an outline of what this could be
One day lets fill ourselves in
Act naturally

I’ve been filling the cracks in my time by
Slowly sinking in nobody’s timeline
Gaining nothing

Feels like I’ve lived through this before

When you ask me about my day will I
Withdraw my best brave face, sign and
Tell you something, meaning nothing

Keep acting like there’s nothing wrong

But you kept to yourself all along
I may have got you wrong




GoodVibesIndex 71/100


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