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thom yorke suspiriaDalla soundtrack del remake di “Suspiria”, film di Luca Guadagnino nelle sale dal prossimo novembre, ascoltiamo “Suspirium”, una ballad che è già un instant-cult firmata da Thom Yorke che ha curato tutta la colonna sonora di questo horror movie.






This is a waltz thinking
About our bodies
What they mean
For our salvation
With only the clothes that
We stand up in
Just the ground
On which we stand

Is the darkness
Ours to take?
Bathed in lightness
Bathed in heat

All is well
As long as we keep spinning
Here and now
Desert behind a wall

Only old songs and laughter we do
All forgiven, always and never been true

When I arrive here
You come and find me
Or in a crowd
Be one of them

Are you lonesome
Right beside her
No tomorrow’s
At peace





GoodVibesIndex 85/100


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